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In a move that could be a major revolution in the world of health, the FDA approved the first drug in the world that can treat cancer from its source. What is the new drug “Vitracopy” and what is its use and side effects?

What is Vitrakvi?

It is a medicine in the form of adult pills, or a syrup for children, that treats the genetic mutations of cancer tumors, regardless of the type or place of the disease.
That’s why they changed old medications regularly!

When can it be used?

Doctors can prescribe this medicine to patients in the following cases:

If the tumor is the result of abnormal “NTRK” genes.

– If cancer cells spread in the body, or if surgery to remove cancer will cause complex complications.

– If there are no other acceptable treatment methods, or if the cancer does not respond to other treatments and spread more.

– If the doctor prescribed Vitracafe for the patient, he should first try the patient to make sure that the appropriate treatment for him in small doses, before being asked to use it in larger quantities.

It is not yet known whether Vitracafe is appropriate and safe to use for children younger than one month, according to Drags Medical.

Before taking Vitracave you should:

Inform the doctor of the full medical history of the patient, especially if he or she has problems with the liver, the nervous system, or if the patient or the patient plans to have children. The medication will affect the fetus and inform the doctor if the patient is breastfeeding a child.

How is medication taken?

First, the patient must comply fully with the doctor’s instructions.

– Do not change the date or amount of dose, and adherence to dosages prescribed by the doctor, as the dose may vary, depending on the side effects of the drug.

– Obey your physician’s instructions regarding taking the medicine in the form of capsules or syrup, and make the doctor explain how to accurately calculate the amount of medication (if drink).

– If Vitracave is in the form of capsules, it should be swallowed, not crushed or chewed.

– If the patient vomits after taking the medicine dose, wait until the next dose and take it.

– If the patient forgets to take the dose of medication on time, take it as soon as it is remembered, provided that the next dose is not after 6 hours, in this case must wait until the next dose.

What are the side effects?

Side effects include problems in the nervous system, liver and fatigue, as well as fatigue, nausea, dizziness and vomiting, in addition to constipation and diarrhea and decline in reproductive capacity, especially in women.

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