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/ Baghdad
The Cabinet introduced on Tuesday its selections for the duration of its assembly these days.

The Prime Minister’s Office stated in a assertion obtained, a replica of it that “the Council of Ministers held its normal consultation beneath the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi,” noting that “at the start of the assembly Adel Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Council to wait the House of Representatives these days after filing a listing of applicants for positions Ministerial and biographical files audited via the Integrity and Accountability Commission for the reason of balloting through representatives of the humans. ”

As witnessed by means of the assembly of the Council of Ministers these days
Abdul Mahdi Office: What is being circulated from the lists at the ministerial formation is inaccurate

The workplace delivered that “Abdul-Mahdi renewed his name for the want to stick to the blocks of the guidelines of the political manner and democracy and cooperation to finish the authorities cab,” noting that “the Council mentioned among the problems at the schedule, by and large the priorities of the authorities software within the subject of regulation, In addition to finishing the dialogue of the selection to unify customs ports and facilitate the methods and acquire the smoothness of its paintings.

He introduced that “the Council accepted the advice of the Energy Committee at the agreement renovation and operation of gadgets of Wasit thermal station with a Chinese business enterprise,” including that “he agreed to the processing of wheat grain and processing of urea fertilizer for the implementation of the rural plan for the cutting-edge agricultural season, in addition to buy and processing of wheat in mild Memorandum of Understanding and Supplement to the Executive Agreement among the Ministry of Commerce and the USA Embassy in Baghdad. ”

“The council has postponed the legitimate operating day on Monday to commemorate the primary anniversary of the assertion of victory over the terrorist agency,” the workplace stated.

It is noteworthy that the Council of Ministers hung on Tuesday each week a consultation to talk about the draft legal guidelines and tendencies at diverse tiers of political, financial and social.

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